Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love: Keeping in Touch

One cornerstone of maintaining any solid relationship is communication.

Long distance/camp relationships are no different.

Here's how we stay in touch when Mike's on shift and he's an hour ahead:

1. Emails

Mike sends me a daily email to wake up to each day. (I know, I'm lucky to have such a romantic!) If your guy isn't much of a morning person try sending him one before you head to bed. He'll love knowing you're thinking of him every night and he'll probably reply so you can wake up to one too.

2. Texts

No brainer here. Get a good text plan for both of you and get chatting! Just remember the guys aren't supposed to be using their phones when they're working so find out when his break is and keep it free so you can chat. If you do text him when he's working or at the gym don't expect a quick reply ;)

3. Couple App

Mike and I love this app… you can send messages, images, videos, draw pictures for each other… all without ANY danger of your cell company mixing things up and sending pictures to another number by mistake (it's happened to me!). Also you can "thumb kiss" each other where you each hold your thumb to the touch screen at the same time and it vibrates. Silly but kind cool. It's like Instant Messenger but between you two ONLY.

Also it has an anniversary/birthday reminder setting so neither of you can forget those important dates ;)

4. Skype/Facetime

Your guy will need a good wifi/internet connection to make this work but most camps do provide this. We have a nightly FaceTime date where we catch up face to face and even watch Netflix together. Even if we're busy and can only manage a 5 minute call we still make the effort. Especially when you have kids involved this is an essential tool to stay connected.

Did you know? Two people can watch the same Netflix account at the same time! Mike and I pick an episode of our favourite TV show (right now: Brooklyn 99), line it up then countdown so we start at the same time. We both watch the episode with our FaceTime running so we're watching it together even though he's in another province!

5. Phone Calls

If your guy is out in the middle of nowhere or has very bad internet signal then things like Skype and FaceTime are nearly impossible. In these cases a nightly phone call is essential. The next best thing to seeing each other is hearing each others' voices.

TIP: Some cell phones have a "wifi hotspot" capability - get a good data plan on his phone and use it to get a quick skype/facetime call in!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Life: Organising the Cleaning

Ok I'll admit it… I hate chores.

I despise doing dishes.
Sweeping the floor frustrates me (when I can't get every last speck of dust).
Discovering what used to be something in the fridge grosses me out.

BUT Chores have to be done and if you're on your own (or have kids who aren't old enough to help yet) you have to find a good strategy that works for you.

After a lot of pinning over on Pinterest about different cleaning solutions but I discovered Fly Lady.

I loved her idea of morning, afternoon and evening routines, focusing on zones and dealing with it 15 minutes at a time.

But I found her site confusing and there was too much in my house that needed attention for me to ignore until it was that time of the week/month.

SO I came up with an alternative Fly Lady inspired routine:

Daily Routines

Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Routines

To kick things off I spent a day organizing, cleaning and getting my house up to scratch.
I organized my freezer, cupboards, washed appliances and generally caught up so my house looked the way I wanted it to all the time.

THEN I kicked the routine into gear.

I chose to put most of my 'evening' chores into my afternoon as I tend to have more time and energy before I head to work in the late afternoon/evening. I never have any energy in the evening so I cut that down to the bare basics. Mornings I generally have lots of time to squeeze things in.

Inspired to create your perfect cleaning schedule? Here are my tips:

1. Decide what chores need to be done in  your household on a regular basis
2. Prioritise them into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
3. Split your daily chores into blocks that will work with your routine, test them out and see how they best fit.
4. Do the same with your weekly/monthly/yearly chores.
5. Kick start your system! Give yourself a day to do a thorough clean (or as best as you can) and get your house how you want it to look.
6. Put your schedule up so it reminds you and everyone in your household what needs to be done and when.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Love: Out of the Box Date Night Idea

You and your hubby have finally found the time to schedule in a regular date night on days off…

Just you and hubs, kids are with sitters, phones are off… and you end up doing the same thing you always do.

For us we always have movie nights - we dated watching movie nights, we watch movies together via FaceTime and when we can't think of anything to do we watch a movie.

It's better than nothing but every now and then I challenge you to break out of the box.

Do something you've never done before.
Do something you'd normally say no to.

We chose to do a Brewery Tour and Haunted Pub Crawl (it happened to be halloween night).

It was FUN!

We drove down to Victoria, made a road trip out of it, had lunch then made our way to the tour pick up point.

Our first stop was Phillips Brewery - and I can tell you those little mini glasses sure have kick when you drink 7 in 45 minutes! (or in Mike's case he had nearly 14 as I was driving home and was merely tasting)

Next up we went to 3 different haunted pubs in the area… stopped for a drink in each one and ended the night with some delicious munchies.

If you or your man loves a good beer I'd highly suggest it and even if you're not much of a beer person I suggest you give it a try - after all this is about doing something out of the ordinary! There's more to beer than a boring old Lucky ;)

What was your most interesting unusual date night?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Life got crazy.

New posts coming your way over the next few months.

Starting tomorrow!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Life: Choosing the right Network Marketing Company

As I mentioned in my Work post: Network Marketing companies can be a lucrative source of part time residual income.

But not every network marketing company is created equal!

In the last 70 years 75,000 companies have started and only 50 have celebrated their 10 year anniversary! Make sure you choose wisely before you get started...

a. Look for a company with a wide range of products that'll appeal to a large client base.

I chose Arbonne because they have over 450 products for every member of the family all within the Health & Wellness area so their research is top notch. This means I can make more sales because I'm not limited to a single gender/client base.

b. Go with a company that is at least 10 years old. 
The last thing you want is to put your hard earned money into a company that folds within 3 years.

c. Look for a simple compensation plan that's easy to understand.

Arbonne only has 4 levels which is simple and achievable and starts at 35% commission. I don't know about you but I was really shy when I first started my business and I wasn't willing to put myself out there for less than 35%!

d. You're your own boss. This means you set your own schedule and you are in charge! You're also in charge of showing up and following the system. The number 1 reason people fail at these companies is because they don't follow the system then quit and wonder what happened.

In Arbonne we get a free white mercedes when we hit large sales volume numbers… so to get your white mercedes you need to do what the people driving the white mercedes do. It sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how many people don't do that.

e. Do you believe in the products and your sponsorship team?

It's important to love the products you sell and to trust the people training you how to be successful. As discussed above you need to follow the system and it's your sponsor's job to teach you what the system is and guide you through the pitfalls.

My Arbonne sponsor quit within 6 months of me signing up… luckily our team is fantastic and my Regional Vice President took me on as though she sponsored me herself. It's all about team work and I've honestly never met a happier more positive group of people! Every Arbonne event leaves you feeling like you can take on the world and win… every day should be like that.

f. Watch out for these red flags:

Website based "network marketing companies"… nobody is going to pay you just for handing out a web address, they just want you to sign up consultants. <- Pyramid scheme

Social Media parties only… you will not make great sales just using social media, it's uncomfortable for some but direct marketing is a relationship business and you can't build good relationships on Facebook! If you're just looking for an extra $50 you might be ok but you won't make enough to make it really worthwhile.

Consultant sign ups… any company that requires people to sign up as consultants ONLY should be a red flag. People shouldn't have to sign their lives away just to get a product if it's good enough. Arbonne has the option to get discount memberships that don't require selling a single thing.

Magic Cure All Ingredients… as the recent Dr Oz debacle proved: there is no magic cure or quick fix for anything. Integrity is crucial in business ownership… make sure you 100% stand by your product/s. If you have doubts your clients will pick up on it.

Get Rich Quick… direct marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It's a get rich steadily over time scheme. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

g. Look for these Green Lights:

New promotions each month… this means the company is growing and it's not just the same people promoting all the time.

Information available to the public… this means the company has nothing to hide.

Is part of the DSA… this means they can be held accountable for misinformation and run by the guidelines of the Direct Selling Organisation. Integrity is important.

Variety of selling methods… some people like parties, some people prefer to shop at home on their own. The more flexible the company the easier it'll fit into your life not the other way round.

It's a lot to consider! At the end of the day the biggest thing you need to be clear on when it comes to starting your own business is WHY.

What do you want out of Direct Marketing? What will drive you to keep going when it gets difficult? 

I do Arbonne because I want to get Mike home from the Oilfields. We want to have a family and see them grow up, go on vacations, build our dream home… all of that requires funds and Mike being home. Either we can try to win the lottery or I can significantly improve our odds and build my Arbonne business.

If you have any questions about Network Marketing in general (or about the company I chose above the others: Arbonne) send me a quick email and I'd be happy to give you unbiased advice so you can make the right choice for you and your family!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life: Stuff Boxes

Picture this…

It's a beautiful day! You woke up early with energy to spare, you had a delicious breakfast, the kitchen is clean, the floors don't have any dog fur or dust bunnies plaguing you when the sun shines on it, you even found time to get in a work out or read some of your book.
You head out (with/without the kids) for the day and when you come home… all you can see are things. Bits. STUFF.


Toys, jewellery, change, junk mail, a shoe you had to rescue from the dog before she chewed it… But your house is spotless! You cry… and it is! Except for the clutter.

I can't be alone in this right? And I don't even have kids yet!

SO here's my solution: STUFF BOXES

1. Find/buy some nice baskets that fit your decor. It's worth shelling out on better quality ones with good handles that won't break. The last thing you want when you're de-cluttering for the day is a handle to break!

I found these from Walmart:

I have one downstairs and one upstairs. As I go about my day I put all the random "stuff" into the basket and when it's full I put it all away. Generally the things in the downstairs basket need to go upstairs and vice versa.

2. Next get yourself a nice box for your kitchen. If your house is anything like mine your kitchen will be a hotbed for clutter. Get yourself a nice box with a lid to stash away those bits that don't quite have a home: matches, scentsy bars, coupons, etc). When it's full you can sort through it and put it away or you can just leave it as a general hold all for random bits that are useful but don't have a home.

Here's mine:

3. Grab a couple of bins (I found these from the Dollarama for $3 each) and allocate one for each person in your house. Anything that belongs to that person goes into their bin - it's their responsibility to put them away.

In my case I don't always know where Mike wants certain things so if I know it's his but I don't want to lose it, I put it in his bin. Make sure each person knows to clear their bin (daily/weekly/every other day - depends how much stuff ends up in it!) so it doesn't sit there overflowing with STUFF.

That's it! Do you have STUFF boxes? If not give them a try! They're great for a quick clean up when company comes over and only give you 15 minutes notice.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


As of this moment we've blown past 500 Blog Views in just 3 short weeks!

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to check the blog out. 

Mike and I at the Game of Thrones Exhibit at the PNE in Vancouver

I've got some fantastic posts coming up: More Real Life Wives! More DIYs! More Love advice!

AND I'm going to do a special post from the Camp Guy's point of view too!

Remember I'm always looking for new Real Life Wives to share their stories and if you have any tips to share make sure to get in touch.

You guys rock!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Real Life Wife: Amanda

This week's Real Life Wife is another amazing Mum: Amanda from Vancouver Island BC!

The Basics:

I am a 28 year old mother of two amazing children. My daughter is 4 and my son is 8 months old. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and married for 5. My husband has been in the camp life for the last 3 years and is currently working as a pipe fitter in Alberta.

1. Why did you and your Camp Guy decide to live the Camp Life?

We made the decision to live the camp worker life after my husband was laid off from his job as a mechanic. We had a one year old at the time and had to make some big decisions quick.

2. What's the biggest sacrifice you make because of Camp?

The biggest sacrifice we have made is missing out on so much valuable family time. My husband seems to miss every dance recital, holiday, family gathers and milestones our children surpass.

3. Days on shift can be busy and lonely…what's the silver lining for you?

The silver lining of living the camp life is knowing my children will never go without. There will be food in the fridge and a roof over their heads. Living the camp life will also allow us to take family vacations and save up for things like college.

4. What's your favourite thing to do on days off?

On days off we enjoy spending time as a family. We have days at the park, trips to the beach and take nice walks. We try to go on one date night per set of days off but I must confess it's been a while since we've had the opportunity.

Amanda & Stuart's Children Noah and Brea

5. If you could give one tip to other Campers what would it be?

Some advice I would give to other camp wives is to get into a routine as soon as possible. Especially if you have children. There will be rough days but they will pass so take it one day at a time. And last but not least, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Fabulous post from Amanda - thank you so much for sharing!

Want to share your story on the blog? Message me!

Love: Family Date Night

As you may have guessed Mike and I are big movie fans and we just love the idea of old school outside movies!

SO we're putting one on for our friends and family!

Now we're doing ours as our Engagement party BUT you don't need a big excuse to host a family movie night in your neighbourhood!

Here's how we're doing ours:

1. Timing
You'll want at least a month to get this together - especially if you don't already own a dvd projector!
Also be aware of weather trends in your area… we live in rainy British Columbia. So we're having ours very early September where it's still dry but not too hot to have fun out doors.

2. Food
Keep the nibbles simple… a popcorn bar is fun and cheap and you can provide your favourite candy in mini sizes to keep things fun.

If you're going for a bigger affair (like our engagement party is!) you could also provide a BBQ… we're providing sides and have asked our guests to bring their own meat so we can BBQ it for them.

3. Drinks
Water bottles, old school soda bottles and a fruity punch in a fancy glass dispenser are all you'll need. If guests require alcohol you can always ask them to bring their own or spike the punch but this is a family affair.

4. Invitations
I'm old school… I like paper invitations to pin to my fridge! Here are the ones I made using the template from Fig + Cotton to go with our wedding theme but you can use any card stock you like.
We did also create a Facebook event for the difficult people who take too long to provide mailing addresses!

5. Decor
Dig out the Xmas lights! We're stringing them up throughout the yard so people can find their seats and using balloons in our colours to keep things simple but festive.

6. The Big Screen
I've seen many different options on Pinterest… drop cloths, sheets, duck cloth… here's a great tutorial which we'll be using to make ours: Diy Outdoor Movie Screen

7. The Movie!
Obviously you want to pick a child friendly movie that the parents will also enjoy… we're going with Up because… well Up is awesome and everyone loves it.
Ask around and see who you know that has a DVD projector… local schools, theatre companies, rental places or even a high tech buddy.
Make sure you have sound! We have wireless speakers that we'll be using for ours but if you don't have something similar that you can hook up to your laptop chat with whoever you're borrowing the projector from. Chances are they'll know exactly how to sort out sound too.

This is the most important tip of all: make sure your neighbours are on board with you putting on a movie in your back yard! Invite them along or at least let them know what's going on so you don't get a visit from the police… at least one person on your block will feel put out by the "noise" so nip this in the bud before it becomes a problem.

I'll post a follow up after the event with pics and an update!

What's your favourite family date night?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Life: Prepping for Days Off

The countdown is over! Camp Guy is coming home today!!

Everyone's 1st Day Off shift is different but here are my tips to make sure it goes smoothly:

1. Take an hour to do a thorough clean up! 

The last thing your man wants to come home to is dishes in the sink and things out of order. Stick on your favourite tunes and put things back into order!

2. Prep some delicious dinner. 

The easy way to do this? Crock pot meals. If you don't have one… go get one! You can throw something in before you get ready to go pick him up from the Airport and voila, delicious hot meal waiting for him when you get home. He may say he'll eat at the airport… but if your Camp Guy is anything like mine then that greasy airport burger he ate 3 hours ago just didn't do the job and there's nothing like home cooking.

3. Take the kids (if you have them)!

Depending on flight times, get the kids involved! Focus on the happiness of welcoming him home rather than sending him off and it'll keep their spirits up.

4. Dress up a little. 

Even if it's something as small as doing your make up when you usually don't… dressing up a little to pick him up gives him a little boost and gives you a chance to get your glam on.

5. Let him sleep in the next day! 

Life in camp is pretty tough and many guys survive on very little sleep (5 hours is all mine gets!)… the first morning back those guys deserve a lie in. You don't have to wait on him hand and foot or bring him breakfast in bed… but you should probably let him sleep.

Got more home day tips? Share below!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Love: Road Trip Date Night

I'm not sure what this says about Mike and I but we're all about cheap dates.

Recently Mike got his motorbike licence and I'm not going to lie… it's pretty fun sitting on the back and zooming off somewhere at a moments notice!

You don't need a fancy motorbike or quad to make this Date work though so grab your vehicle and take off somewhere! Here are some of my favourite locations to take off to and what you can do when you get there…

Road Trips to other Towns:

The Beach!

Daytime, night time… the beach is always a fun trip. Grab some fish 'n' chips and take a lovely romantic seaside stroll.

A New Restaurant!

Try something new and adventurous… culinary wise. Is there a new place you haven't tried? Perhaps a new cuisine you've never tasted? If you're a real foodie try asking your friends on Facebook for their favourite and hit up the first place they suggest that you haven't tried.

Be a Tourist!

What's the perfect Tourist attraction in the town an hour or so over? There's a great Mini Golf place about an hour away for us that's perfect for a road trip or when we feel adventurous there's zip lining too!

Road Trips to Isolated Places:

Plan your Dream Vacation!

Mike and I did this and it was great fun! We took some printables from the Date Night Divas and some travel magazines and figured out our itinerary for our trip to the UK. It also helped get us pumped for the trip which was pretty fun.

Write your Bucket List!

What would you LOVE to do in your lifetime together? Day dream and stick it on the list!

Star Gaze!

Grab a blanket and something warm and delicious to sip on and see what you can see in the night sky! There are some fabulous apps out there that show you all the constellations and what could be more romantic than looking at the stars (and figuring out which ones are actually satellites!)?

Where will you go on your road trip?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life: Fitting work into the Camp Wife Life

For those of us without kids the decision about whether to continue working whilst our Camp Guys are away is usually a no brainer - even with a generally great pay check everyone needs a plan B (injuries and job losses happen!) and what else would we do with our time when he's on shift?!

But for Camper Mums it's a difficult decision: the idea of fitting work into your life when you're effectively a single mum for weeks and sometimes months at a time can just seem crazy… but then again every Mum needs a break and when the kids are older and in school full time it's natural to want to return to the workforce.

So if you're looking for a job with some flexibility here are your options:

1. Part time job
There are some local part time jobs that will fit around your kids' schedule and allows you to work flexible hours.

Tip! Try to find a local business with family owners who will be sympathetic to your needs and be up front with them when you start.

2. Day care or tutoring at home
If you have a talent at particular school subjects this is a good option… make sure you get properly certified and use your network to build your clientele. Local schools, after school clubs, mum meet ups are all good places to let people know you've got spots available. With good word of mouth you won't need to spend good money on advertising.

Tip! Be wary of this one… make sure once you've set your hours and pricing that you stick to it. Many people will try to ask for a favour or for you to lower your prices because "you're friends" but this is a business like any other. People should want to use you because you're good at what you do and they want to support you, not because they think they can swing a deal.

3. Home Craft Business.
If you're crafty, good at baking or have a specific skill set this can be a great option for you and farmers markets or Etsy are a great places to sell your wares. Always be aware of the laws in regards to food prep and try to find a niche so your goods will stand out from the crowd.

Tip! Keep an eye on the blog for a more detailed post on starting your own small business at home and branding to make it stand out.

4. Direct Sales
This is the route I chose (along side my full time job of teaching dance) for 4 very good simple reasons:
a. It takes up 1-2 hours a day
b. It has minimal start up costs
c. It has the potential to bring in a significant income
d. It gives me a good excuse to get out of the house and meet new people when Mike is away.

Tip! Choose your Direct Sales company wisely! There are red flags you should be aware of and not all companies are created equal! Check out my detailed post coming soon about what to look for.

What are your part time job tips? Comment below!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Life: Too busy to eat properly!

Does anyone else feel this way?

As a dance teacher my work puts me in a funky schedule… work early mornings, big break, back at it in the afternoon/evening, home by 9pm

Not going to lie when it's just me and the puppy I rarely cook for myself especially that late at night!

SO here are some of my top tips for eating well… when your man is away.

1. Cook a big roast dinner one night a week and use up the left overs.

This is a great idea from my student days: a big beef roast will keep me going for 4 days after the first meal and can be used in stir fries, stews, tacos, sandwiches…

2. Prep your meals! 

This is one my health nut friend shared with me… one night a week (perhaps the night you cook the roast? I'm not a big chef so I avoid it lol) prep all your lunches and snacks for the week.
Things like: cut veggies, sandwiches, pasta/potato salads, energy balls…

3. Use your blender!

I love protein shakes. I never saw the point before I tried them and now they're a daily part of my diet. I use Arbonne Nutrition because it's the best I've tried and doesn't have that weird protein taste that a lot of them have.

Here's my favourite recipe:

2 scoops Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder
1 scoop Arbonne Fibre Boost
1 packet Arbonne Antioxidant & Immunity booster
1 cup coconut water/water
handful frozen mixed berries
1 heaped tablespoon yoghurt
1 teaspoon chia seeds

With a family it's a different story… 

1. Utilise freezer meals!

Once a  month dedicate a day to shopping and preparing freezer meals. Things like Lasagne, chicken parmesan, pasta sauce… all of these can be easily prepared and frozen so even on your busiest days you can still get a good healthy meal into those kiddos. 
Here are some of my favourite Pinterest Links:
10 easy freezer meals
Healthy Freezer meals
1 month of Freezer meals in 1 afternoon

2. Prep your snacks!

I found this incredible post over at Echoes of Laughter… Healthy Fast Food

3. Kids love smoothies!

Get your kids in on the smoothie action… the Arbonne protein shakes are safe for kids as young as 2 years and they love them! Kids love helping in the kitchen and throwing handfuls of messy berries and spoonfuls of yoghurt into a blender is just up their alley (with adult supervision obviously!).

Got any other healthy meal tips with/without a family? Please share in the comments!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Real Life Wife: Megan

This week's Real Life Wife is Megan from Vancouver Island, BC!

The Basics:

Megan is a 26 year old stay at home mum and entrepreneur. Her Camp Guy is Jonathan: 

"We actually went to school together since grade 7, but never really paid much attention. It wasn't until after graduation where I became his "quadding partner" so he didn't have to 3rd wheel hahaha. We started doing this every weekend for a couple months. The as cheesey as it sounds I emailed him & confessed my "love". He ignored me and got creeped out like most guys would. But needless to say quadding adventures still happened, MSN chats were more frequent and we started to really click. Fastforward. We ended up dating in 2008 and in 2009 in December he asked me a life changing question "will you marry me?" Of course I said yes. Jan 2010 found out we were pregnant with out daughter. July 2010 we got married. Sept 2010 my daughter was born. Jan 2011 found out we were pregnant with our son. Sept 2011 our son was born. We now had Irish twins. He worked a fairly decent job but not amazing. We were getting a head as much as we'd like soooo in 2014 I joined the "camp wife life" club. My husband is a 2nd year carpentry apprentice in Kitimat BC. His shift is 21 & 7. So in non-camp terms...he's away from me, his babies, him home, his comfort for 21 day and with us for 7 but actually like 5.5 days cause of travel."

Why did you and your Camp Guy decide to live the Camp Life?

Growing up in a small town doesn't exactly leave you with many options for employment. Especially because the baby boomers are still around and holding most of the posititions. He was working a okay full time job, we were making ends meet, but living paycheck to 10 day before paycheck. We wanted to be able to give our kids everything. Allow them a future with an education, be able to to on trips, dance & play soccer. That was important to me as I grew up not being able to do any of that.

What's the biggest sacrifice you make because of Camp?

The hardest sacrifice I think would have to be having him miss out on so much. Growing up I never had my dad around. I didn't want my kids to have that issue ever. Although its a completely different situation it breaks my heart to hear "mommy send daddy a picture of me", "mommy how many sleeps till daddy is home" "mommy, daddy is nicer" hahahhahah. Although I know he's doing it FOR us...its hard to not have him here and to miss big steps & stages!

Days on shift can be busy and lonely…what's the silver lining for you?

IT ENDS! There is always an end and its not forever. That he's doing it for us, to give us the life we want. As well as seeing my babies faces when they see him walk through those doors off the plane.

What's your favourite thing to do on days off?

Adventures! Camping, driving, beaches, parks, lake... anything! We spend most of our time as a family. But in each set of days off we take 1 night to spend together without our kids. Its important to keep your relationship & the romance alive!

If you could give one tip to other Campers what would it be?

ROUTINE! Get into a routine and stick to it. But remember when he gets home that its all going to be out the window haha! Everything will be crazy for the week or two and then back to routine once he's gone. Soak him up while he's home, don't worry about the mess, your appountments, Facebook or anything. Soak him up give him your 100% because remember HE is the one that has to leave. Its a lot harder for him than you if you really look at it. Keep positive. Know its okay to have bad days & make sure you take some time for YOU.

Great post from Megan. Thank you so much!

Remember if you'd like to be my next Real Life Wife send me an Email --->
Or contact me via Facebook!