Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Real Life Wife Story: Ellie

The first of our Real Life Wife stories is… me! 

The Basics:

Ellie is a British born dance teacher and choreographer who moved to Canada in 2007. In 2009 she moved to BC and met her Fiance Mike in Summer 2011. They got engaged on Xmas Eve 2013 and will be getting married in July 2015.

Mike is Ellie's OFM (Oil Field Man) and is an Electrician working in Northern Alberta. He's on a 9 day shift with 5 days off.

Why did you and your OFM decide to live the Oilfield Life?

When we first met Mike had just finished his schooling and had little luck finding a good paying local job in our town or within commuting distance. He took a job in Northern Alberta working a short shift. We knew our relationship was serious so we decided to continue living the life so that we could build a solid savings account, work off our debts then continue looking for work locally.

What's the biggest sacrifice you make because of Camp?

Time together. We miss each other terribly and although we stay in touch constantly - emails, texts, FaceTime dates it's not the same as having someone to eat dinner with every night.

Days on shift can be busy and lonely… what's the silver lining for you?

Finding time to get projects done for myself. I love having my man around but it's also good to get some time to myself to get some work done without interruptions.

What's your favourite thing to do on days off?

Waking up together and enjoying breakfast. It sounds so boring and silly but it's one thing you really miss when you don't get to do it often.

If you could give one tip to other Campers what would it be?

Stay in touch often on shift and make the most of days off. Both of you make a huge sacrifice to be without each other for a certain amount of time - if you plan well for your days off then you can enjoy it rather than racing to catch up and making even 20 minutes for a good Skype call each night (or even just a regular call) it won't feel as bad.

More Real Life Wife Stories coming soon!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to Camp Wife Life!

This blog is designed to help others like myself who live life with an oilfield/shift worker.

You'll find…

* Relationship advice on keeping the love alive long distance
* DIY and Organising tips to make the most of your time on shift and off shift
* Real Life Wife stories from other people just like you

So many of us in Canada and across the world are losing our loved ones for weeks or months at a time because of the lack of jobs at home and the great jobs in the oilfields/full time shift work camps.

Camp Wife Life is here to help you make the most of "camping"… whether you've been doing it for years or you're brand new!

Take a look around and make yourself at home!

p.s. Disclaimer: I will generally talk in my posts about my situation (i.e. woman at home, man in camp) BUT in the interests of diversity I know there are many women up there too and I'm sure there are lots of men left at home too.