Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life: Fitting work into the Camp Wife Life

For those of us without kids the decision about whether to continue working whilst our Camp Guys are away is usually a no brainer - even with a generally great pay check everyone needs a plan B (injuries and job losses happen!) and what else would we do with our time when he's on shift?!

But for Camper Mums it's a difficult decision: the idea of fitting work into your life when you're effectively a single mum for weeks and sometimes months at a time can just seem crazy… but then again every Mum needs a break and when the kids are older and in school full time it's natural to want to return to the workforce.

So if you're looking for a job with some flexibility here are your options:

1. Part time job
There are some local part time jobs that will fit around your kids' schedule and allows you to work flexible hours.

Tip! Try to find a local business with family owners who will be sympathetic to your needs and be up front with them when you start.

2. Day care or tutoring at home
If you have a talent at particular school subjects this is a good option… make sure you get properly certified and use your network to build your clientele. Local schools, after school clubs, mum meet ups are all good places to let people know you've got spots available. With good word of mouth you won't need to spend good money on advertising.

Tip! Be wary of this one… make sure once you've set your hours and pricing that you stick to it. Many people will try to ask for a favour or for you to lower your prices because "you're friends" but this is a business like any other. People should want to use you because you're good at what you do and they want to support you, not because they think they can swing a deal.

3. Home Craft Business.
If you're crafty, good at baking or have a specific skill set this can be a great option for you and farmers markets or Etsy are a great places to sell your wares. Always be aware of the laws in regards to food prep and try to find a niche so your goods will stand out from the crowd.

Tip! Keep an eye on the blog for a more detailed post on starting your own small business at home and branding to make it stand out.

4. Direct Sales
This is the route I chose (along side my full time job of teaching dance) for 4 very good simple reasons:
a. It takes up 1-2 hours a day
b. It has minimal start up costs
c. It has the potential to bring in a significant income
d. It gives me a good excuse to get out of the house and meet new people when Mike is away.

Tip! Choose your Direct Sales company wisely! There are red flags you should be aware of and not all companies are created equal! Check out my detailed post coming soon about what to look for.

What are your part time job tips? Comment below!

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