Monday, August 18, 2014

Life: Prepping for Days Off

The countdown is over! Camp Guy is coming home today!!

Everyone's 1st Day Off shift is different but here are my tips to make sure it goes smoothly:

1. Take an hour to do a thorough clean up! 

The last thing your man wants to come home to is dishes in the sink and things out of order. Stick on your favourite tunes and put things back into order!

2. Prep some delicious dinner. 

The easy way to do this? Crock pot meals. If you don't have one… go get one! You can throw something in before you get ready to go pick him up from the Airport and voila, delicious hot meal waiting for him when you get home. He may say he'll eat at the airport… but if your Camp Guy is anything like mine then that greasy airport burger he ate 3 hours ago just didn't do the job and there's nothing like home cooking.

3. Take the kids (if you have them)!

Depending on flight times, get the kids involved! Focus on the happiness of welcoming him home rather than sending him off and it'll keep their spirits up.

4. Dress up a little. 

Even if it's something as small as doing your make up when you usually don't… dressing up a little to pick him up gives him a little boost and gives you a chance to get your glam on.

5. Let him sleep in the next day! 

Life in camp is pretty tough and many guys survive on very little sleep (5 hours is all mine gets!)… the first morning back those guys deserve a lie in. You don't have to wait on him hand and foot or bring him breakfast in bed… but you should probably let him sleep.

Got more home day tips? Share below!

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