Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life: Stuff Boxes

Picture this…

It's a beautiful day! You woke up early with energy to spare, you had a delicious breakfast, the kitchen is clean, the floors don't have any dog fur or dust bunnies plaguing you when the sun shines on it, you even found time to get in a work out or read some of your book.
You head out (with/without the kids) for the day and when you come home… all you can see are things. Bits. STUFF.


Toys, jewellery, change, junk mail, a shoe you had to rescue from the dog before she chewed it… But your house is spotless! You cry… and it is! Except for the clutter.

I can't be alone in this right? And I don't even have kids yet!

SO here's my solution: STUFF BOXES

1. Find/buy some nice baskets that fit your decor. It's worth shelling out on better quality ones with good handles that won't break. The last thing you want when you're de-cluttering for the day is a handle to break!

I found these from Walmart:

I have one downstairs and one upstairs. As I go about my day I put all the random "stuff" into the basket and when it's full I put it all away. Generally the things in the downstairs basket need to go upstairs and vice versa.

2. Next get yourself a nice box for your kitchen. If your house is anything like mine your kitchen will be a hotbed for clutter. Get yourself a nice box with a lid to stash away those bits that don't quite have a home: matches, scentsy bars, coupons, etc). When it's full you can sort through it and put it away or you can just leave it as a general hold all for random bits that are useful but don't have a home.

Here's mine:

3. Grab a couple of bins (I found these from the Dollarama for $3 each) and allocate one for each person in your house. Anything that belongs to that person goes into their bin - it's their responsibility to put them away.

In my case I don't always know where Mike wants certain things so if I know it's his but I don't want to lose it, I put it in his bin. Make sure each person knows to clear their bin (daily/weekly/every other day - depends how much stuff ends up in it!) so it doesn't sit there overflowing with STUFF.

That's it! Do you have STUFF boxes? If not give them a try! They're great for a quick clean up when company comes over and only give you 15 minutes notice.

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