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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Love: Family Date Night

As you may have guessed Mike and I are big movie fans and we just love the idea of old school outside movies!

SO we're putting one on for our friends and family!

Now we're doing ours as our Engagement party BUT you don't need a big excuse to host a family movie night in your neighbourhood!

Here's how we're doing ours:

1. Timing
You'll want at least a month to get this together - especially if you don't already own a dvd projector!
Also be aware of weather trends in your area… we live in rainy British Columbia. So we're having ours very early September where it's still dry but not too hot to have fun out doors.

2. Food
Keep the nibbles simple… a popcorn bar is fun and cheap and you can provide your favourite candy in mini sizes to keep things fun.

If you're going for a bigger affair (like our engagement party is!) you could also provide a BBQ… we're providing sides and have asked our guests to bring their own meat so we can BBQ it for them.

3. Drinks
Water bottles, old school soda bottles and a fruity punch in a fancy glass dispenser are all you'll need. If guests require alcohol you can always ask them to bring their own or spike the punch but this is a family affair.

4. Invitations
I'm old school… I like paper invitations to pin to my fridge! Here are the ones I made using the template from Fig + Cotton to go with our wedding theme but you can use any card stock you like.
We did also create a Facebook event for the difficult people who take too long to provide mailing addresses!

5. Decor
Dig out the Xmas lights! We're stringing them up throughout the yard so people can find their seats and using balloons in our colours to keep things simple but festive.

6. The Big Screen
I've seen many different options on Pinterest… drop cloths, sheets, duck cloth… here's a great tutorial which we'll be using to make ours: Diy Outdoor Movie Screen

7. The Movie!
Obviously you want to pick a child friendly movie that the parents will also enjoy… we're going with Up because… well Up is awesome and everyone loves it.
Ask around and see who you know that has a DVD projector… local schools, theatre companies, rental places or even a high tech buddy.
Make sure you have sound! We have wireless speakers that we'll be using for ours but if you don't have something similar that you can hook up to your laptop chat with whoever you're borrowing the projector from. Chances are they'll know exactly how to sort out sound too.

This is the most important tip of all: make sure your neighbours are on board with you putting on a movie in your back yard! Invite them along or at least let them know what's going on so you don't get a visit from the police… at least one person on your block will feel put out by the "noise" so nip this in the bud before it becomes a problem.

I'll post a follow up after the event with pics and an update!

What's your favourite family date night?

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