Saturday, August 16, 2014

Love: Road Trip Date Night

I'm not sure what this says about Mike and I but we're all about cheap dates.

Recently Mike got his motorbike licence and I'm not going to lie… it's pretty fun sitting on the back and zooming off somewhere at a moments notice!

You don't need a fancy motorbike or quad to make this Date work though so grab your vehicle and take off somewhere! Here are some of my favourite locations to take off to and what you can do when you get there…

Road Trips to other Towns:

The Beach!

Daytime, night time… the beach is always a fun trip. Grab some fish 'n' chips and take a lovely romantic seaside stroll.

A New Restaurant!

Try something new and adventurous… culinary wise. Is there a new place you haven't tried? Perhaps a new cuisine you've never tasted? If you're a real foodie try asking your friends on Facebook for their favourite and hit up the first place they suggest that you haven't tried.

Be a Tourist!

What's the perfect Tourist attraction in the town an hour or so over? There's a great Mini Golf place about an hour away for us that's perfect for a road trip or when we feel adventurous there's zip lining too!

Road Trips to Isolated Places:

Plan your Dream Vacation!

Mike and I did this and it was great fun! We took some printables from the Date Night Divas and some travel magazines and figured out our itinerary for our trip to the UK. It also helped get us pumped for the trip which was pretty fun.

Write your Bucket List!

What would you LOVE to do in your lifetime together? Day dream and stick it on the list!

Star Gaze!

Grab a blanket and something warm and delicious to sip on and see what you can see in the night sky! There are some fabulous apps out there that show you all the constellations and what could be more romantic than looking at the stars (and figuring out which ones are actually satellites!)?

Where will you go on your road trip?

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