Friday, August 1, 2014

Organise: Family Command Centre

I've got a confession: I'm a Pinterest nut! (aren't we all?)

During my many Pinterest surfing sessions I kept coming across these super organized awesome looking "Family Command Centres". I didn't pay much attention to them because it's just the two of us… but then I had a thought.

The more organized we are the more we can enjoy our days off!

SO I created our own Family Command Centre.

1. Decide what you need in your command centre/binder!

There are so many great free printables out there - ready made binders, tons and tons of tracker sheets… but I knew I wouldn't use half of them.

Eventually I made a list of what I'd use daily (To do list, weekly planner, inventories) to go up on my wall and what I'd use weekly/monthly which would go in my binder. 

I chose to use printables from:

2. I found a Binder and sheet protectors I wasn't using and repurposed them. I wanted to make sure things made sense so I put them in order:

* "where is it?" list - because my OFM can never find anything! Also in case house sitters need to find something
* House sitter/Pet sitter notes
* Emergency contacts and quick First Aid notes in case of emergency (I also have an emergency binder in my office but I'll talk about that later)
* Work Info & Important Contacts - schedules for both of us, work contacts, etc
* House Projects - home & auto maintenance check lists, cleaning check lists, on going to do list.
* Finances - budget at a glance, cash envelope in/out, important account info (so we'll have our utilities account info on hand if either of us phone)
* Calendar - birthday list, monthly calendars with bills due, trips, etc.

3. Then I put the Daily printables up in nice frames I picked up at Walmart for $3 each:

4. Luckily our house came with this fancy little shelf where my mail organizer and cash envelopes holder can sit quite happily… You could put up a little floating shelf here if you wish.

Eventually my OFM got around to putting the frames up and here's the finished result!

Total Cost: $15 for frames, the Binder and inserts I had lying around already.

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