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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Real Life Wife: Megan

This week's Real Life Wife is Megan from Vancouver Island, BC!

The Basics:

Megan is a 26 year old stay at home mum and entrepreneur. Her Camp Guy is Jonathan: 

"We actually went to school together since grade 7, but never really paid much attention. It wasn't until after graduation where I became his "quadding partner" so he didn't have to 3rd wheel hahaha. We started doing this every weekend for a couple months. The as cheesey as it sounds I emailed him & confessed my "love". He ignored me and got creeped out like most guys would. But needless to say quadding adventures still happened, MSN chats were more frequent and we started to really click. Fastforward. We ended up dating in 2008 and in 2009 in December he asked me a life changing question "will you marry me?" Of course I said yes. Jan 2010 found out we were pregnant with out daughter. July 2010 we got married. Sept 2010 my daughter was born. Jan 2011 found out we were pregnant with our son. Sept 2011 our son was born. We now had Irish twins. He worked a fairly decent job but not amazing. We were getting a head as much as we'd like soooo in 2014 I joined the "camp wife life" club. My husband is a 2nd year carpentry apprentice in Kitimat BC. His shift is 21 & 7. So in non-camp terms...he's away from me, his babies, him home, his comfort for 21 day and with us for 7 but actually like 5.5 days cause of travel."

Why did you and your Camp Guy decide to live the Camp Life?

Growing up in a small town doesn't exactly leave you with many options for employment. Especially because the baby boomers are still around and holding most of the posititions. He was working a okay full time job, we were making ends meet, but living paycheck to 10 day before paycheck. We wanted to be able to give our kids everything. Allow them a future with an education, be able to to on trips, dance & play soccer. That was important to me as I grew up not being able to do any of that.

What's the biggest sacrifice you make because of Camp?

The hardest sacrifice I think would have to be having him miss out on so much. Growing up I never had my dad around. I didn't want my kids to have that issue ever. Although its a completely different situation it breaks my heart to hear "mommy send daddy a picture of me", "mommy how many sleeps till daddy is home" "mommy, daddy is nicer" hahahhahah. Although I know he's doing it FOR us...its hard to not have him here and to miss big steps & stages!

Days on shift can be busy and lonely…what's the silver lining for you?

IT ENDS! There is always an end and its not forever. That he's doing it for us, to give us the life we want. As well as seeing my babies faces when they see him walk through those doors off the plane.

What's your favourite thing to do on days off?

Adventures! Camping, driving, beaches, parks, lake... anything! We spend most of our time as a family. But in each set of days off we take 1 night to spend together without our kids. Its important to keep your relationship & the romance alive!

If you could give one tip to other Campers what would it be?

ROUTINE! Get into a routine and stick to it. But remember when he gets home that its all going to be out the window haha! Everything will be crazy for the week or two and then back to routine once he's gone. Soak him up while he's home, don't worry about the mess, your appountments, Facebook or anything. Soak him up give him your 100% because remember HE is the one that has to leave. Its a lot harder for him than you if you really look at it. Keep positive. Know its okay to have bad days & make sure you take some time for YOU.

Great post from Megan. Thank you so much!

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