Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love: Keeping in Touch

One cornerstone of maintaining any solid relationship is communication.

Long distance/camp relationships are no different.

Here's how we stay in touch when Mike's on shift and he's an hour ahead:

1. Emails

Mike sends me a daily email to wake up to each day. (I know, I'm lucky to have such a romantic!) If your guy isn't much of a morning person try sending him one before you head to bed. He'll love knowing you're thinking of him every night and he'll probably reply so you can wake up to one too.

2. Texts

No brainer here. Get a good text plan for both of you and get chatting! Just remember the guys aren't supposed to be using their phones when they're working so find out when his break is and keep it free so you can chat. If you do text him when he's working or at the gym don't expect a quick reply ;)

3. Couple App

Mike and I love this app… you can send messages, images, videos, draw pictures for each other… all without ANY danger of your cell company mixing things up and sending pictures to another number by mistake (it's happened to me!). Also you can "thumb kiss" each other where you each hold your thumb to the touch screen at the same time and it vibrates. Silly but kind cool. It's like Instant Messenger but between you two ONLY.

Also it has an anniversary/birthday reminder setting so neither of you can forget those important dates ;)

4. Skype/Facetime

Your guy will need a good wifi/internet connection to make this work but most camps do provide this. We have a nightly FaceTime date where we catch up face to face and even watch Netflix together. Even if we're busy and can only manage a 5 minute call we still make the effort. Especially when you have kids involved this is an essential tool to stay connected.

Did you know? Two people can watch the same Netflix account at the same time! Mike and I pick an episode of our favourite TV show (right now: Brooklyn 99), line it up then countdown so we start at the same time. We both watch the episode with our FaceTime running so we're watching it together even though he's in another province!

5. Phone Calls

If your guy is out in the middle of nowhere or has very bad internet signal then things like Skype and FaceTime are nearly impossible. In these cases a nightly phone call is essential. The next best thing to seeing each other is hearing each others' voices.

TIP: Some cell phones have a "wifi hotspot" capability - get a good data plan on his phone and use it to get a quick skype/facetime call in!

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