Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Love: Out of the Box Date Night Idea

You and your hubby have finally found the time to schedule in a regular date night on days off…

Just you and hubs, kids are with sitters, phones are off… and you end up doing the same thing you always do.

For us we always have movie nights - we dated watching movie nights, we watch movies together via FaceTime and when we can't think of anything to do we watch a movie.

It's better than nothing but every now and then I challenge you to break out of the box.

Do something you've never done before.
Do something you'd normally say no to.

We chose to do a Brewery Tour and Haunted Pub Crawl (it happened to be halloween night).

It was FUN!

We drove down to Victoria, made a road trip out of it, had lunch then made our way to the tour pick up point.

Our first stop was Phillips Brewery - and I can tell you those little mini glasses sure have kick when you drink 7 in 45 minutes! (or in Mike's case he had nearly 14 as I was driving home and was merely tasting)

Next up we went to 3 different haunted pubs in the area… stopped for a drink in each one and ended the night with some delicious munchies.

If you or your man loves a good beer I'd highly suggest it and even if you're not much of a beer person I suggest you give it a try - after all this is about doing something out of the ordinary! There's more to beer than a boring old Lucky ;)

What was your most interesting unusual date night?

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